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Holding gears

Did you ever feel your favorite applications are almost perfect but there is just one little thing holding you back? Do you sharpen your tools and hack continuously your workflow until reaching a limit?

Maybe you are looking for a unified experience in all your devices along better ways to visualize and crunch all your data, something that balances private and work life too. If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur chances are that you even must integrate your own system with other people who already have a different one.

There are plenty of great apps but the variety of choices is overwhelming and it just keeps getting bigger. At Zenbits we are working on solutions to ease this problem.

Start Simple

Mobile cloud

We provide a basic set of tools focused on covering a wide range of needs. Our goal is to give you a stable ground for you to start growing your own system and assist you in that process.

There are already many outstanding products out there which we do not want to replace. We understand that some of our tools will fall short for your needs sooner or later. Our challenge is making sure that your data stays flexible, vendor independent and ready to move on as you keep trying out new things.

However not every problem needs a professional solution. As you switch parts, your data will remain synchronized with the rest of the tools and well integrated with solutions that do not require more complexity.

Every tool has at a minimum a web version, making sure that not only your data is reachable from any device capable of running a web browser but also ready to interact with other people not using your same software.

On top of that, to make sure your data is always ready for any changing needs or your next challenge, we throw in a developer friendly API layer, so you can always access and enhance your system any way you want.

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